New fund for European gaming companies – investor praises Tekes

London Venture Partners (LVP) announced a new early stage seed fund which is focusing mainly on the European games sector.

The size of the new wasn’t published but London Venture Partners is aiming to make 20 to 25 investments from the new fund. The size of investments are between 36 000 and 360 000 euros.

London Venture Partners has been very successful investor lately. It has made milliards by selling its portfolio companies.

The company has also been very active in Finland. It has invested in Supercell, Applifier and Boomlagoon.

According to its partner Paul Heydon this will continue.

“Going forward [with the new fund], we think the Nordic area there’s a huge amount of things happening there. One of the reasons that we’ve been excited about Finland – we’ve done multiple investments there – is not only is there a lot of talent there, the Finnish government is incredibly supportive financially”, Heydon says to TechCrunch.

"And literally, for every euro we put into a company they can raise at least another euro from Tekes. So it’s amazing leverage – and it’s by far the best government financing available in the world as far as I know.”

Tekes funding for startups

Josi Tikkanen
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