Mikkeli: New ways for child protection procurement


The town of Mikkeli wanted to create new ways for child protection procurement, ways that would strengthen user-orientation and productivity. The aim of the project was to create a new innovative procurement model for child protection. The model was developed through a pilot procurement to be implemented. The model encourages the supplier for continuous development of its activities, and it employs impact metrics to ensure common aims for the buyer and the service provider. It is based on the idea that the activities of the buyer and the service provider should be for the benefit of the child.

The project aimed for partnership with the private sector, user-orientation in the services, making new operation models more widespread and developing innovative public procurements.

Means to promote innovations

  • Dialogue with customer target groups to ensure that their needs are understood.
  • Dialogue with potential suppliers to find and formulate innovative solutions. In these, also impact metrics making use of the competences of the buyer and the supplier were created.
  • Negotiated procedure for ensuring that the buyer's requirements are addressed and for creating the partnership envisaged.
  • Incentives to strengthen continuous development.

Benefits for different groups (users, buyer, supplier companies)


  • Quality of services will improve and become more uniform with the strengthening of customer-orientedness. Well-being, interaction and life management skills of the child and family will become stronger. Customer needs will also be regularly taken into account with satisfaction surveys for the children's parents.


  • Service homogeneity and quality of service will improve. For the production, new solution and pricing models were found. With the set meters, service production is monitored better than before.


  • A dialogue that took place at the planning stage of the procurement improved the activities of the service provider and created new solutions. The new incentives for service production developed in the process will strengthen the development during the contract period. The participating companies strengthened their knowledge of the buyers' requirements and created new solutions. The companies chosen for the framework agreement are committed to a way of operations which, at the same time, challenges them for continuous development and strengthens their competitiveness.
  • The new criteria for service production change the markets by strengthening service quality.
Eero Lukin
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