Marja-Vantaa architecture competition


Vantaa organised a service architecture competition for well-being services in order to find wholly novel service solutions and partnerships for a new residential area. The criteria of the service solutions consisted of customer-orientedness that would be more profound than in the current operation models, advanced state of technology involved and economic sustainability.

Proposals and ideas sent to the planning competition, which was compliant with the regulations of the Public Procurement Act, could concern the whole of Marja-Vantaa's well-being service system and its architecture, individual services or service packages, existing or new services, ways to organise the services and utilisation of technology in the arrangement of services. The competition had its own categories for companies and communities, private individuals, schoolchildren and children at the early education age. 

Means to promote innovations

  • In the idea competition, the buyer describes only the need and gives the market actors an opportunity to produce completely novel solutions.

Benefits for different groups


  • The idea was to provide the residents of the planned residential area with new services to strengthen well-being while paying attention to the residents' whole life cycle and their different needs.


  • The buyer obtained completely novel solutions, which combined the expertise of various actors, to strengthen the quality and cost-efficiency.
  • The buyer got visibility with the suppliers and probably also more widely with the users.

Supplier companies

  • The companies got an opportunity to design new solutions for a genuine need without detailed requirements definitions.
  • The companies and third sector actors and players networked among themselves and in this way designed new service packages.
Eero Lukin
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