Liideri's 100th project launched: Customer satisfaction sets the path at OptoFidelity

The world's leading technology companies work with a Finnish partner on their product development processes. Located next to the Tampere University of Technology is OptoFidelity, the top name of robotic testing of touch-screens.

The test automation systems of the fast-growing and profitable company combine robotics and mechanics. They are used to test products such as telephones, tablets, computers, and touch-screen displays used in cars. OptoFidelity has a significant role in securing quality and expanding the business of the customers' end products.

When business is conducted with a narrow special focus, the path goes inevitably in the direction of the outside world. It also imposes special requirements on the internal activities of a company. In order to respond to these demands posed by international growth, OptoFidelity created a development project for internal activities, for which it sought and received funding from the Tekes Liideri programme for Business, Productivity, and Joy at Work.

To preserve a small company's flexibility and ability to react quickly in the future as well, OptoFidelity is putting a special focus on how work is done and on management. The company is growing at a fast pace, so growing pains are inevitable. However, efforts are made to resolve the growing pains with the same enthusiasm and dexterity that is seen in everything that OptoFidelity does. The company has realised in practice that successful business is made through inspiring work.


Behind a successful business is a satisfied client

The customers of OptoFidelity are demanding, and projects need to be implemented on an unbelievably fast schedule, by Finnish standards.  Customers use the company's products in the core of their business - in product development. This is why at OptoFidelity, a customer needs to really be in the centre of action.

"Customers buy our knowledge and skills, and the way in which we use this know-how to solve the problems in their product development. We are propeller heads and we often offer our customers solutions that nobody else has been able to offer. This is why we need to fully understand our customers' needs", observes OptoFidelity CEO Pertti Aimonen.

For this reason the client was elevated to centre stage also at the phase when the company's internal processes, operational models, and management were developed to conform with the growing business activities.


Behind a satisfied customer is a satisfied employee

"When our actions are guided by the client, nobody needs to question the direction or the instructions. Everyone at OptoFidelity is excited specifically about helping the customers. Listening to customers is the most important factor guiding the internal processes. In practice, we give visibility to the customer's experience within our company", says OptoFidelity personnel manager Karoliina Hälli, who is also responsible for the company's Liideri project.

In the development of the methods of leadership and work, OptoFidelity is helped by the Tekes Liideri programme - for Business, Productivity, and Joy at Work. The OptoFidelity project is the 100th Liideri project, and in it, the company is developing a follow-up system for keeping abreast of how the customer is doing with their products. The customer information collected by the follow-up system is harnessed to guide all activities: on its basis products are developed, work is done, and activities are managed. With the system's help, the goal is satisfaction for both the customers and the employees.

"OptoFidelity is now going strong, and there is demand on the market around the world. Finland needs success stories like this. The way in which they develop internal activities is exemplary: the management is committed, and employees participate in everything. In spite of growth and the resulting processes, each employee retains freedom and responsibility. In this way innovations emerge in the future as well", says Liideri Programme Manager Nuppu Rouhiainen, explaining the reasons why OptoFidelity was granted funding by Tekes and was able to launch the 100th project of the Liideri programme.

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