Internet of Things platform developer raises EUR 3.2 million funding

Oulu-based CyberLightning has announced completion of a EUR 3.2 million financing round for growth and entering new market.

CyberLightning's software platform allows capturing data from numerous sensors and measurement points, analyzing the data, and presenting it in business intelligence dashboards. CyberLightning's software can be used e.g. in 3D smart city solutions and energy sector in underground heat network monitoring and control.

With Tekes funding the company has developed 3D virtualization concept for industry and shopping centers. Tekes has also funded development of 3D technology for analyzing, monitoring and visualizing Internet of Things and big data.

CyberLightning also researches and develops technology platform for 3D Internet (FI-WARE) and virtual environments and user behaviour (3D-LIVE) in European Commission's funded projects.

Video: CyberLightning

Kaj Nordgren
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