EC: Almost all Europeans say protecting the environment is important to them

Three years on from the most recent similar Eurobarometer survey, it is clear that, despite the economic crisis, Europeans’ concern about the environment has not diminished. In an overwhelming consensus, 95 % of the 28.000 interviewed citizens said that protecting the environment is important to them personally and many think more can be done.

A strong majority of people share the view that the efficient use of natural resources (79 %) and the protection of the environment (74 %) can boost economic growth. While 80% consider that the economy influences their quality of life, 75 % think the state of the environment has a similar impact and 77 % of EU citizens believe that environmental problems have a direct effect on their daily lives. They worry most about pollution – air (56 %) and water pollution (50 %) ranking highest – as well as waste generation and the depletion of natural resources.

An increasing number (59 %) believe that social and environmental factors should be as important as economic criteria in measuring progress in their country. In relation to the spending and investment of public authorities, 59 % are of the opinion that the public authorities of their country should favour environmentally-friendly considerations over cost.

Source: European Commission