Finnish technology enters British childcare industry

UK-based Parenta starts co-operation with Oulu-based While On The Move’s by offering mobile software Daisy as part of their portfolio to improve child attendance monitoring in daycare.

Tagging technology solution, Daisy, gives each child a personal tag, which is used to check them in. This information will allow nursery staff to see at a glance who has arrived. Presented as a mobile application, Daisy has been used with success across Europe, increasing security and improving the daily registration process.

"We looked at developing our own product but Daisy is well-established, with an excellent reputation on the continent for this technology," says Parenta spokesperson.

While On The Move has developed Daisy solution in Smart Urban Space project as part of the European ITEA 2 cluster. ITEA funding is applied through Tekes in Finland. Tekes also funded the company's R&D e.g. in embedded ICT programme Ubicom.

Image: While On The Move

Kaj Nordgren
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