Finnish Environment Institute – Synergy Building


Senate Properties and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) organised an international competition for the design of the Finnish Environment Institute's office building in the Viikki Science Park area. The building to be designed as the head office of SYKE is planned to contain office premises for approximately 625 persons as well as laboratory facilities.  In 2010-11, Senate Properties and SYKE carried out a joint development project to develop both energy and environmental objectives and ways and methods to implement and verify them. The objectives and methods were applied in the competitive bidding for the design of a new building in the Synergy Building project. The development project resulted in the export, as a part of SYKE's investment process, of eco-efficient construction development process and guidelines.

Means to promote innovations

  • Based on comparisons between environment classification methods, recommendations for measures to be taken were created. In the course of the energy efficiency evaluation design, the guidelines resulting from the development section of the management and calculation of energy efficiency made the reference construction model more systematic.
  • The aim is a nearly zero energy building and material efficiency, that is, a minimal carbon footprint from the principal materials. The evaluation criteria of the competition consisted of ecological sustainability (energy efficiency and material efficiency), architecture, usability and technological feasibility. As a novel feature, the evaluation combined the data from energy consumption and from material efficiency.

Benefits for different groups (users, buyer, supplier companies)

  • As a lesson learnt from the competition and its realisation, it can be said that the best competition proposals combined high-quality architecture, functionality, material and energy efficiency aspects as well as cost-efficiency.
  • Without the developed evaluation criteria, energy-efficiency and eco-efficiency issues wouldn't have guided the design solutions or affected the choice. No investment decision on the building project itself has been made, therefore any evaluation of the final effects cannot be made.
Eero Lukin
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