Innovation funding for media developments in 2015


The industry-wide organisational change in the media sector is advancing at pace. Tekes is offering funding for innovation activities in this area, with applications being welcomed at from January 2015, subject to approval in the next Parliamentary Budget. This funding is intended for projects seeking to renew and develop areas of the media industry as part of the digital landscape. A total of EUR 19 million will be made available to RDI projects in this field by the Parliamentary Budget for 2015.

This innovation support is aimed at projects seeking to radically and courageously renew the whole media sector. It is not intended to breathe new life into old structures and operating models, and is instead meant to support the proactive recognition and creation of new opportunities for growth and international business development. Digitisation is one of the key themes of the funding remit. How can digitisation lead to new working methods, concepts, and customer experiences?

Parties wishing to apply for this funding may be existing operators in the media sector or those from other fields of industry, who are seeking to challenge the current status quo by proposing new operating models and business visions.

The standard Tekes funding criteria must be met in order for the financial support to be awarded. This funding may be used for the development of products, services, business models and operating procedures, as well as new expertise. The support is available either as a grant or a loan and it can be applied for throughout the year via Tekes' online application service.

Tekes' funding for innovation activities is coordinated by the Feelings programme. More information about the funding criteria and events and opportunities associated with the funding in this area will be made available on the Tekes website in January 2015.

As part of the funding process for innovation activities in the media sector, the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications will be holding an innovation competition in spring 2015. More detailed information about this competition will be made available on the Ministry's website in the New Year.

Further information

Anna Alasmaa, anna.alasmaa(at), tel. +358 (0)2950 36039
Marko Heikkinen, marko.heikkinen(at), +358 (0)2950 55773
Merja Salonen, merja.salonen(at), +358 (0)2950 55974
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Minna Suutari, minna.suutari(at), +358 (0)2950 55830

Eero Lukin
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