Energy-Efficient Service Buildings in Tampere Region


The aim of the Energy-Efficient Service Buildings in Tampere Region (TAPRE) project is to create a regional energy-efficiency market, that is, to create uniform energy-efficient contract and operation policies to make the work of all parties easier and more efficient. The project is quite extensive, and the parties to it include, in addition to the city of Tampere, the other municipalities of the urban region, the hospital district and companies such as Kesko and Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa (cooperative retailer). The total number of participating building, maintenance, consultancy and engineering companies is 15.

Means to promote innovations

  • The project has made the buyer side commit themselves to the requirements of energy efficiency.
  • The project contains new solutions and procurements requiring product development.
  • The project has assembled three working groups to examine the life cycle model from different perspectives. They will create new operation models. This ensures that the contract and operation policies to be created in the project are regarded as good by the companies.

Benefits for different groups


  • New solutions, resulting in properties that are cost-efficient in their energy use.
  • The new contract and operation policies will enhance the benefits that the buyer obtains from the building during the different stages of its life cycle.

Supplier companies

  • The solutions arrived at to meet the energy-efficiency criteria will strengthen the companies' product development and create competitive advantages on national and international markets.
  • Extensive cooperation will create new partnerships and thus strengthen the opportunities for new solutions.
  • The criteria set and new partners have strengthened the companies' expertise.
Eero Lukin
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