Energy-efficient right-of-occupancy dwellings in Naantali


There was a desire to build energy-efficient right-of-occupancy dwellings in the Soininen area in Naantali. Four objectives were set for the project: to produce, from the perspective of the property's entire life cycle, as energy-efficient development model for the building process as possible, to take energy-efficiency into account from the beginning of planning, to produce a method that would allow the participation of the occupants right from the planning stage and create a system to follow the occupants' experiences as users. The procurement process achieved the result envisaged, that is, the buyer received offers with solutions within the framework conditions set, and the process ended with a procurement.

Means to promote innovations

  • The purpose of the market dialogue, which was referred to as clinical work, was to give the companies free hands to define the best possible solution for the buyer's needs while taking into account the set boundary conditions. As the process advanced, various alternatives were pruned out and the criteria changed. The solution-centric procurement clinic gave the suppliers a genuine opportunity for product development. In this, the producers saw market potential that could also be utilised in the future.
  • The competitive negotiated procedure ensured the suitability of the bidders' solutions to the requirements.

Benefits for different groups (users, buyer, supplier companies)


  • The end users of the building will get exceptionally energy-efficient houses with moderate costs of upkeep and use. Many of the building solutions were considered in more detail than typically in   cases of similar houses.


  • As a result of ambitious features set for the procurement target and due to the procurement clinic work, the buyer received residential dwellings that were significantly more energy efficient than similar comparable buildings. The energy-efficiency criteria set are still exceptional nationally.


  • With the procurement process, the companies participating in it developed new solutions, which strengthened their expertise.
  • The winning company and its suppliers created solutions which they could later utilise in their business – the procurement strengthened their competitiveness.
  • Meeting the stipulated criteria required novel cooperation among companies, which created the opportunities for new comprehensive solutions.
Eero Lukin
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