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Huhtasuo School and Childcare Centre is a building project in Jyväskylä that is to be realised using a life cycle and partnership model. The centre will be implemented in two stages in 2012–2015, and about 1 000 children and young people will be using it. YIT will be the service provider, and the company will also design and build the centre and be responsible for services during its life cycle until 2033. The important aim of the project is cost savings for the whole life cycle of the property.

Means to promote innovations

In a development project, which was carried out by Jyväskylän Tilapalvelut and which concerned new innovations and life cycle objectives for operational environments of teaching and daycare centres, a new innovative way to set targets was created in connection with the procurement method for the lifecycle project of the school and daycare campus.

The aim was to develop and include procurement level objectives into the various stages of the procurement method. The focus was on

  • the efficiency and multifunctionality in the use of space,
  • the settings and monitoring of the space use and conditions and reporting on them,
  • the utilisation of new technologies
  • the increase of sustainable development and energy efficiency
  • the development of competitiveness and legal aspects of the financing of the life cycle model.

Benefits for different groups (users, buyer, supplier companies)

Through the life cycle model and by setting up new kinds of objectives, many of the benefits the project aspired towards were obtained.

  • The project was able to develop new solutions for systems of usability and systems of conditions.
  • One of the objectives, multifunctionality of spaces, was realised as far as the buyer was concerned, but not for a wider communal use.
  • An important benefit of the life cycle model was that it enables further development of solutions during the life cycle of the building.
  • This is exemplified by the applied payment mechanism which encourages the service provider to save energy during the whole life cycle.

Image: City of Jyväskylä

Eero Lukin
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