PES Architects win international architecture competition in China


City of Fuzhou arranged an architecture competition for a site on the shore of the South China Sea, for the design of the Strait Culture and Art Centre. Five of China’s top design institutes were invited to participate.

The competition organiser required each participant, in turn, to invite an internationally known architecture office with experience in designing large theatre buildings. CCEDGC invited PES‐Architects, led by Pekka Salminen, to join as main designer.

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, 30 January 2014, the Finnish team learned that it had won the competition. The Fuzhou culture centre comprises an opera with 1660 seats, a multi‐purpose theatre with 600 seats, a concert hall with 800 seats, an art museum, a film centre, and commercial premises in connection with a metro station. The total floor area of the culture centre is 128000 m2.

The winning PES‐Architects design team included many architects and special designers who had worked on the design of the Wuxi opera house.

Further development of the competition proposal together with the client started immediately, and construction is planned to begin at the end of 2014.

PES Architects has received funding from Tekes to create business models for international markets.

Eero Lukin
Images: PES Architects

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