BEAM has been launched

The BEAM, Business with Impact programme was launched in connection with the SLUSH event on 18 and 19 November 2014. The interest and enthusiasm were considerable. The first discussions about participation in the programme are already under way.

Tekes Director General Pekka Soini encouraged Finnish companies to seek out new markets in the developing countries. "At the moment, growth is highest in the developing countries and the middle class is becoming more prosperous. New markets will open up for Finland as well.


Pekka Soini praised the cooperation between Tekes and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in the BEAM project.

Sirpa Paatero noted that BEAM is a genuine global programme.
Both the developing countries as well as Finland will benefit from it.

Soini also emphasised that the BEAM programme is the first so-called Team Finland programme in which the entire Team Finland network is supporting the implementation of the goals. "This is a completely new kind of operational model between two different ministries", Pekka Soini observed.

Minister for International Development Sirpa Paatero emphasised that both Finland and the developing countries benefit from the BEAM programme, through new competence, business, and jobs. "We know that Finnish companies possess top skills and knowledge, in environmental technology and bioeconomy, the ICT and gaming industries, food production and on the health and welfare side. "Business in the developing countries is a growing part of the core business of Finnish companies as well – it is not a matter of social responsibility alone", Paatero says.

Paatero's speech

The BEAM programme was presented by Programme Manager Pia Salokoski of Tekes and development policy advisor Aki Enkenberg of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The aim of the BEAM programme is to create innovations that promote new competitive and sustainable business activities and wellbeing in Finland and the developing countries.

Presentation of Salokoski and Enkenberg (pptx)

Foreigners living in Finland create human capital which we have every reason to utilise better in innovation activities as well. The contacts and competence of foreigners promote the construction of global ecosystems of Finnish companies. This is an important point of view also in the BEAM programme, which supports innovation on the growing markets of developing countries", notes Christopher Palmberg, an expert at Tekes.

"The programme has been received with great enthusiasm. Discussions on good project ideas began already at SLUSH and the discussion is to be continued through the rest of 2014. The first funding decisions in the programme will be made immediately at the beginning of next year", says Programme Manager Pia Salokoski.

The emphasis in the programme is on the importance of cooperation both in the target countries and among domestic players. Implementing various kinds of ecosystem projects is one of the goals of the programme.

Additional information

BEAM – Business with Impact
Programme Manager Pia Salokoski, Tekes
tel. +358 2950 55672, pia.salokoski(at)

In the BEAM programme, players of both Finland and the target countries meet each other.

Sanna Nuutila
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