16 Finnish SMEs looking again for opportunities in the US market

Tekes and one of the world’s most respected business schools help SMEs to find out if it is worth to go to the US market or not. Or should we go somewhere else?

In the Global Access Program GAP, MBA students with nine years of work experience from University of California's Anderson School of Management draft the SME an international business plan from the US market. The school is among the most respected business schools in the world year after year.

Like last year, Finland has the most companies in the GAP 2014, a total of 16 SMEs. Altogether there are 54 companies in this year's GAP program. For the first time, three Swedish SMEs also participate GAP.

Among GAP first timers, Tampere-based Primoceler develops a globally unique laser welding technology to protect sensitive electronic components. These components can be used e.g. in the human body implants and space technology. The European Space Agency ESA for example uses Primoceler's technology to protect critical satellite components.

"We are the only ones in the world that do laser-aided welding for glass. All the competing technologies have certain vulnerability as they need an extra ingredient and temperature in the manufacturing process is extremely high. This makes the whole package more unreliable," says CEO Ville Hevonkorpi.

The company is seeking through GAP how the market entrance to the US market should be accomplished. Primoceler's main market is Europe at the moment, but US has a lot more potential customers.

Helsinki-based User Experience developer Idean has been in the GAP program earlier too. The growth in the US has been rapid.

"Originally our four member team went to Silicon Valley and now we already have 50 employees there and in Austin and we keep growing," says founder Niko Frilander.

Last time GAP provided Idean a market survey that evaluated the company's business plan and vision from the US. It proved that going to America has been the right choice. This time Idean seeks for a broader picture of the US market and especially from global market.

Finnish companies in the GAP 2014:

  • Cesim Oy
  • Delfoi Oy
  • Framery Oy
  • Oy Galvatek Ab
  • Gemic Oy
  • Good Sign Oy
  • Oy MUSH Ltd
  • Idean Oy
  • Magisso Oy
  • Merus Power Dynamics Oy
  • Primoceler Oy
  • RemoteA Oy
  • Simosol Oy
  • Surma Oy
  • Vividworks Oy
  • Optomed Oy

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Image: Primoceler

Kaj Nordgren

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