Tziip revolutionizes the way we travel – The First Mobility as a Service Operator in The World


A new Finnish mobile service Tziip is the first Mobility as a Service (MaaS) operator in the World. Today City of Tampere, Finland announced officially the co-operation with Tziip, which was launched to market already in late December 2014.

Tziip’s first product module released to market is designed for easy ride-sharing. Tampere is offering Tziip ride-sharing service to all of its almost 15000 employees, aiming to reduce car traffic and emissions, as well as parking space requirements and their costs. Another immediate saving potential is when the big employer’s employees share their business related car trips with Tziip – no matter if they use private vehicles or for example a taxi. Huge savings are generated through higher passenger quantity in same vehicle splitting the cost. By using Tziip travel cost savings are able to go up to 80% per person, meaning tens of percentages of immediate savings in travel business related travel costs for employers.

Tziip is also designed to serve one time travelling as well as groups, such as football or hockey teams to plan and share rides. You are able to form your own, also private, groups for your team or for example summer festival for people to find others for ride-sharing and save travel costs.
The app is available for individuals to benefit by sharing rides to work or leisure and save even thousands of EUROs per year. Ride-sharing is the most cost effective way to travel. Tziip is now available in Finland but will open in other countries soon.

-We are bringing new features into our mobile service, to collect most needed modules first and then open API’s for other service providers to offer services for the users through Tziip. Payment system and several other things will follow. In the future people only need one Tziip account to use all mobility related services in. This is roughly what is known as Mobility as a Service today, future will show the rest, explains Mr. Jaakko Lipponen, the founder of Tziip.

Eero Lukin