Tsinghua University market research facilitated the China market entry of a Finnish software company

A group of industry professionals doing their MBA degree at Tsinghua University conducted a market study for Rapal. The goal was to evaluate the feasibility of the company’s products in the Chinese market.

Tekes' and Tsinghua University's Tsinghua SEM (School of Economics and Management) program benefited Rapal in various ways. For the Espoo-based company, the co-operation was a cost-effective way to gain understanding of the facility management market in China as well as of the Chinese business culture. The market study also served as a basis for building a business scope for the Chinese market.

The study was conducted in 2014–2015, and the group visited Finland in spring 2015 to present its results.

Rapal is currently in the process of entering the Chinese software market and is likely to continue co-operating with the Tsinghua University in the future. The Tsinghua SEM program may thus have many long-lasting impacts on Rapal's business.

"China is a very interesting market for Finnish facility management software companies", says Rapal CEO Tuomas Kaarlehto.

"The need for building property management solutions is likely to arise in China in the next couple of years. We believe that Asia's transition to maintenance culture opens opportunities not only for us, but also for other business actors in this field."

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Kaj Nordgren
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