Tekes programme is developing Finland into a globally recognised hub for digital health


When a major international corporation such as GE Healthcare selects Finland as the location for a hub of expertise in digital health, it boosts our image as a global forerunner in digital health. It shows that Finland has a globally attractive business environment and is recognised as a great place for research and product development activities. GE Healthcare’s new digital health hub provides an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with this global market leader’s networks and generate new expertise for Finnish growth companies and research organisations.

“This will do wonders for Finnish innovation and the current employment situation in Finland. By selecting Finland, GE Healthcare is showing that it is willing to play a key role in building a new Finnish ecosystem,” comments Director General of Tekes, Pekka Soini.

Recently, Tekes launched a “Bits of Health” programme aimed at facilitating the growth of Finnish companies operating in the health and well-being sector by making use of the business opportunities created by digitisation and challenging conventional IT companies to reform through the utilisation of the growing healthcare markets.

The Bits of Health programme is also intended to increase cooperation between Finnish and international companies and develop Finland into a hub for digital health that will attract foreign investments in the short term and also in the future. Increasing foreign investment is also one of the objectives of the national growth strategy for research and innovation activities in the health sector.

For further information, please contact

Ilona Lundström, Director, Tekes
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Miia Linnusmaa
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