Tekes funding for SHOK programmes to end

The Government's Strategic Programme published in early June will lead to major cuts in Tekes' funding powers. The Government Programme specifically mentions that public funding for Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOK) will be wound down in stages. In practice, this means the end of Tekes' SHOK funding instrument in its current form.

Tekes has halted the 2015 application round for new SHOK Research programmes. In addition, the phase funding of SHOK Research programmes currently underway will be reviewed.

Results of SHOK Research programmes should be utilised

SHOK Research programmes have been targeted at the needs of Finnish industry and have involved 80 percent of Finnish exporters. Huge new business potential lies in making use of the results of these research programmes.

"We've now got to make sure that good use is made of the research results and that promising avenues of research are developed through other funding. Public SHOK investments made so far could pay themselves back 20-30 times over, so we're talking about billions of euros worth of new business", points out Executive Director Teija Lahti-Nuuttila of Tekes.

In search of new funding methods

Tekes has embarked on discussions with SHOK companies in order to form a picture of the current situation and explore new solutions. The most promising and smoothly progressing themes can be pursued by directing the SHOK funding still available for this year at key targets. This will provide a transition period for the planning of new operating models and funding channels.

Tekes advises SHOKs to explore options such as the EU's Horizon 2020 programme. World-class research consortia have good prospects of succeeding in the competition for EU funding.

Government Programme spearhead projects in SHOK areas

Many SHOK companies operate in the spearhead areas identified in the Government Programme, such as the bioeconomy, cleantech solutions, digitalisation and wellbeing. Realising these spearhead projects could provide a new way of using the work done and networks built by SHOK programmes.

"One of Finland's strengths lies in close cooperation between companies and research organisations. We should keep hold of this advantage and consider new, more efficient operating models for cooperative activity. A motivational innovation environment would be a trump card in attracting the R&D operations of multinational companies to Finland. Tekes is also designing novel ecosystem programme concepts in order to create platforms for new businesses and multi-sector cooperation," adds Lahti-Nuuttila.

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