Simulated human behavior as testing solution

OptoFidelity designs and delivers robot-assisted test and measurement systems with intelligent sensors and machine vision technology, including analysis software and visual reporting.

Backed by Finnish pioneering and engineering spirit, OptoFidelity's products and services deliver new alternatives complimented by tried and tested solutions.

Solution Marketing Manager, Susanna Salkolahti explains that their test systems are especially designed to test user interface performance of smartphone, tablet, laptop and automotive infotainment systems – from the research and development phase through to mass production.

"We simulate human behavior in our testing solution, using a unique cognitive robot-assistant system that can test devices. Multiple cameras and other sensors are used to operate as human eyes, ears and senses."

"The software operates as the human brain allowing us to get feedback on performance and user experience throughout the whole cycle, from the research and development phase through to production, so there is continuous improvement of the product," she says.

Tekes' support important for R&D and internationalisation

OptoFidelity CEO Pertti Aimonen says that Tekes has been there on the journey – providing funding to support focused research and development work that would not have been possible otherwise.

"We have also been able to develop a more customer centric business model from the understandings we have gained through customer experience research. Our research and development work, which is critical, has been fast tracked with the support of Tekes funding."

"Of significance has been access to Tekes' Global Access Program. A team of industry professionals, doing their MBA degrees at UCLA's Anderson School of Management have worked with us to help us gain a greater understanding of the US business culture and effective marketing means to a selected audience."

"We've gained great insights and made some excellent contacts which has help us enormously," he says.

With an employee base of 70 multi-talented professionals, OptoFidelity is headquartered in Tampere, Finland and has a competence centre in Sunnyvale, California and operations in Shenzhen and Chengdu in China.

Text: Sue Welin
Image: OptoFidelity

Kaj Nordgren
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