Shelters for the people

Blast protection and special ventilation technology manufacturer Temet improves product line and grows with Tekes funding.

Temet manufactures protective construction such as civilian shelters, hardened military facilities and protective components for the chemical and petrochemical industry. The company offers products designed for blast protection of the access ways and ventilation openings. Temet's filtration products ensure that the environment within the protective facility supports life and is clean of toxins that may be present outside the protective shelter. Protective solutions prevent blast waves of (accidental) explosions from causing damage to valuable equipment and people in critical infrastructure facilities. The company's products and services are officially certified and approved.

For several decades Temet has been a major global player in civil defense and hardened military shelter markets. Recently they have extended their operations to the petrochemical industry and are continually expanding their product line to new markets.

Located in Helsinki, Finland, Temet employs 80 people and their customer base spans the Middle East, Far East and North America.

"Of course the domestic market is still very important to us too, for it all began for us here in Finland," says Marketing Manager Juha Manninen.

"Our business is very competitive, new players are coming to the industrial market and seeking their share so it's very important that we stay ahead of the game."

Important support from Tekes

"Tekes funding has been crucial in enabling us to develop new products, enhance existing products and to reach new markets. We've also been able to focus on R&D and to hire additional resources to address urgent R&D needs," he says.

A key benefit for Temet has been participation in Tekes' and UCLA university's Global Access Program. This has enabled Temet to work with industry professionals who simultaneously do their MBA degree. During a six months period, the MBA team at UCLA's Anderson School of Management prepares Temet a comprehensive business plan for the US military market.

"We are at the finish line – we've just received the final business plan from the team and it will be presented shortly in Los Angeles. We are looking forward to meeting our excellent team again and see if they have found us new business in the US."

Text: Sue Welin
Photos: Temet

Kaj Nordgren
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