Programme activities to be reshaped – forthcoming bioeconomy programme as a pilot

Tekes intends to build new types of programme activities – and the related practices – in the Team Finland spirit. Via programme activities, we will develop a clearer focus on promoting the development and internationalisation of business spearheads with growth potential at ecosystem level. In addition, we will focus on the faster launch of promising templates.

Digitalisation is accelerating innovation development cycles, while creating completely new business models and platforms for the development of business ecosystems. Although funding cuts are creating challenges for Tekes, stronger Team Finland collaboration will create new programme opportunities. On this basis, we are developing new programme types and approaches, which will be piloted under the bioeconomy theme in the autumn.

Ecosystems will be comprehensively developed

Programme activities will involve the reshaping of business and industry in what are key strategic areas for Finland. In addition, companies, research groups and other key actors will be networked, and international cooperation will be promoted. In the future, business spearheads under programme themes will be sought in close cooperation with forerunners from the private and research sectors.

We will clearly shift our focus towards business ecosystem development targets, which will be promoted in collaboration with Team Finland actors. We aim to seamlessly combine the financial products and services of Tekes and our partners as part of the more holistic development of our ecosystems.

"In addition to programme activities at Team Finland level, we will develop more agile, rapidly implemented pop-up programmes with a shorter lifespan. Through our programmes, we will offer better-tailored services and platforms for different customers, different needs and growth or impact targets," says Programme Development Manager Christopher Palmberg.

In early 2016, Tekes will also introduce new ways of combining research needs with those of business. We will continue to fund challenge-and-needs-driven research, using funding sources such as BY Challenge Finland and Research Benefit, which are currently under development.

Bioeconomy Development and Growth Programme as a pilot

The bioeconomy has also been identified as a priority in the Government Programme and is an ideal area in which to pilot programme activities focused on renewal. In November, Tekes will launch an application round for the identification of bioeconomy business spearheads and emerging ecosystems. Further details will be separately announced at a later date.

"We aim to identify business spearheads with strong international growth potential and to foster the development of the supporting business ecosystems in the bioeconomy. We want to use new forms of programme activity to provide various types of businesses and other operators with a collaboration platform for the creation of the new business activities at which we are aiming," says Executive Director Teija Lahti-Nuuttila.

"The Tekes programme activity package will be further specified during the autumn. We welcome suggestions on the development and direction of programme activities – let's do better together!" declare Lahti-Nuuttila and Palmberg.

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