Playful solutions for lifelong learning

Playful learning solutions are a rapidly growing technology industry. Crossing boundaries of different disciplines and fields of working to create a common ground for research and development is evidently challenging. This also applies to the design of research-based and educationally meaningful playful learning solutions.

The University of Helsinki´s Department of Teacher Education has established the Playful Learning Center which attempts to overcome these obstacles and it thrives for the development of playful solutions that potentially boost domestic and global lifelong learning and wellbeing. The Center was launched with Tekes funding.

Read an article Playful solutions for lifelong learning of Professors Kristiina Kumpulainen and Lasse Lipponen in Lifelong Learning in Europe journal. In the article they provide a brief introduction to the rationale and conceptual grounding to Playful Learning Center.

Playful Learning Center´s website

Pia Mörk
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