New Future Watch reports about future health solutions in emerging markets of India and Vietnam

Emerging markets in countries like India and Vietnam offer great opportunities to Finnish companies. Tekes has published two new Future Watch Reports about future health solutions in these countries.

70% of Indian population still resides in rural and remote areas, lacking easy access to health services. Mobile healthcare in India being in a nascent stage of exploration requires robust guidelines and India specific business models to bring about effective change and widespread adoption.

The new report broadly covers India's current and future scenario & geographical/socio-cultural insights encompassing the field of quantified-self and personalized health. This information is valuable for any Finnish company while planning an entry strategy into the Indian market.

Vietnam government is looking for expertise of global experts to support the vision of an affordable healthcare system. Finland has the opportunity to become a proactive provider of general and specialized healthcare in Vietnam. New Future Watch Report gives detailed information on consumer preferences, demographics, opportunities and challenges for Finnish companies in Vietnam.

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Pia Mörk
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