More bang for buck for contact centres

LeadDesk pushes contact centres to operate more cost efficiently. Team Finland LetsGrow financing programme supports the growth company’s journey to global markets.

Founded in 2010, LeadDesk helps outbound contact centres close more deals over the phone. LeadDesk provides a software platform with a monthly fee. Customers can add modules and tailor their software solution for their business needs. This in turn results in faster call rates, higher hit rates, and more efficient sales and fulfilment. This is supported by advanced monitoring and reporting. LeadDesk's software can also be integrated e.g. with customer's EPR or CRM.

On the inbound contact center side, LeadDesk helps customer service agents achieve faster first contact resolution and more efficient service, with lower operating costs.

The contrast to the old contact centre operating model where callers had physical phones is huge thanks to the cloud based software. Calling process is now faster, cheaper and way easier to analyse and forecast.

LeadDesk's main operations are based in Helsinki and R&D in Lappeenranta. Local sales offices are in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Warsaw, with reseller partners in UK/Ireland and Estonia.

Customers operate in all industry sectors, especially in finance, utilities, and media and publishing, and cover both B2C and B2B sales and services. Clients include e.g. Amnesty International, Volvo, Fortum, Manpower, Intrum Justitia, Otavamedia and Sanoma.

Global growth company looking for new markets

LeadDesk's turnover has grown from EUR 1.1 million in 2012 to EUR 4.8 million in 2014. At the same time the number of employees has risen from 15 to 66 in 2015. LeadDesk is the market leader in Finland with an estimated 40 percent of outbound sales agents using their software.

Growth plans include expanding the European reach, by opening local offices. This is supported by EUR 5.5 million investment by a British capital investor and Finland's Industry Investment Ltd in early 2015.

"The most common growth obstacles occur because of a lack of international harmonization on regulations and technology. Europe's different local direct sales and data privacy regulations are challenging. Non-harmonised international VoIP technology and the restrictive business practices of carriers are barriers to growth. Human resources and sourcing sales and development talent is also an ongoing challenge," CEO Olli Nokso-Koivisto says.

Team Finland cooperation to support growth

Team Finland LetsGrow finanging programme offers Finnvera's unsecured loan, Tekes' grant for innovation services and Finpro's advice for internationalisation for Finnish SMEs. LetsGrow funding supports LeadDesk's continuing rapid growth and internationalisation by enabling more investments in market research and market intelligence business modelling.

"The cooperation helps us to network and ensures we can invest in people, balance our capabilities and strategically build our workforce. And now, Team Finland's goals and requirements are much closer to the requirements of our current and potential investors."

"I have worked with Team Finland organisations over the years with Tetrasim and Siili Solutions prior to LeadDesk. Dealing with one team with one message is a real revolution and helps me with critical business decisions," Nokso-Koivisto says.

In five years he sees LeadDesk as the European market leader and standard platform, the Salesforce, of the call centre industry.

Tekes help comes in many forms

With Tekes's grant the company has identified and researched the most attractive international markets and prepared market and contractual studies. The funding also facilitated LeadDesk's presence at events and networking.

"Tekes' loan funding in turn enabled us to pilot and test our early commercially viable software in the Finnish market. We were able to hire our own developers, in addition to outsourced testing resources," Olli Nokso-Koivisto tells.

Tekes funding for young innovative companies enabled LeadDesk to start sales in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. They were able to develop remote sales from Finland and develop online offer, online advertising and direct marketing. This widened the addressable market, boosted export revenue, increased competence at dealing with international sales, and made LeadDesk an attractive company for investors.

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