Mergers and acquisitions done easier

Midaxo helps companies systematise and digitally run their Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and other processes from end to end. Midaxo's cloud-based platform has been developed in-house and gives M&A professionals all the tools they need to manage complex activities. Tekes has supported the development of the company in many ways.

Midaxo aims to help M&A professionals to avoid risks, do better deals and capture synergies from mergers quicker. Additionally, Midaxo enables companies to manage other business processes such as divestments, carve-outs, legal processes, corporate initiatives, sales contracts and product development. This has enabled market opportunity to expand substantially.

As a global company, Midaxo's customer base includes large global companies like Hewlett Packard, AvidXchange, Supreme Group and Danfoss.

Established in 2011 and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, Midaxo employs 23 people and this will grow to 25 shortly. There are also offices in Boston, US and Riga, Latvia.

CEO, Kaija Katariina Erkkilä says that the software empowers professionals with a more structured and systematic approach for managing pre and post deal activities.

"It's a central repository for data and documents – and a hub for task management. The company can also customise the comprehensive M&A and integration templates to suit their needs."

"It's a platform that makes M&A a transparent, systematic and repeatable process with more predictable and successful outcomes," she says.

Successful cooperation with Tekes

Tekes' product development loan has enabled Midaxo to further develop their platform's features based on customer feedback. It has also allowed the company to hire more people for their development team and improve the overall product development process, from inception to implementation. Secondly, Midaxo is part of Tekes' young innovative companies funding programme, which has helped it to focus on the US market and hire more sales and customer support people.

In addition to Tekes' funding, Ari Salonen, President of Midaxo Inc., explains that Midaxo has benefited from the Global Access Program where they have worked with a team of industry professionals doing their MBA degree at UCLA's Anderson School of Management.

"We have been very impressed by our GAP team and the program in general. The team has worked like a private professional management consulting firm, supporting Midaxo for six months."

"Through more than 130 interviews with customers, prospects, competitors and potential partners, they have distilled insightful information and actionable recommendations that have already shaped our approach to the US market," he says.

More information

Kaija Katariina Erkkilä
CEO, Midaxo Oy
+358 400 813 691
kaija.katariina.erkkila (at)

Ari Salonen
President, Midaxo Inc.
+1 (617) 818 0501
ari.salonen (at)

Text: Sue Welin
Image: Midaxo

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