Industry 4.0 in Germany provides excellent opportunities for cooperation

Industry 4.0 in Germany provides excellent opportunities for cooperation for Finnish companies. German companies are interested in Finnish start ups and their activities also in industrial internet area.

On 9th September 2015 the Taftie Expert Session on Industry 4.0 took place in Munich. Representatives of the different member organizations presented the current situation and potential for industry 4.0.

From Tekes we had Marita Paasi and Kari Penttinen who presented Industrial Internet -programme and told about other programmes.

Dr. Alexander Tettenborn, Head of Unit, Development of Digital Technologies" at the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy in Germany, expects a huge rising of ICT related revenue in various business sectors. There is a lot to do and there are still a lot of key issues to increase the digital economy such as strengthening young innovative start-ups and SMEs or developing international agreements and standards.

Many programs and projects are being initiated or have already been started in Germany recently with industry 4.0 content. Industry 4.0 is currently a buzzword in Germany but it stands also for a radical digital change in the industry and will have a profound effect on production and employees.

TAFTIE's members strengthen Europe's economic performance

TAFTIE is the European Association of leading national innovation agencies. It's members make a major contribution to strengthening Europe's economic performance by supporting product-, process- and services innovation by implementing their countries' national and – frequently – international Research, Development and Innovation Programmes.

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Michael Wiehl, Tekes, Munchen








Tiina Lifländer
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