Health 2.0 – Gateway to California

For the third year in a row Health 2.0 conference along with tailored visits has been proven to be a great concept for Finnish companies interested in the U.S. market. Team Finland rocked the floor by reaching excellent visibility in California not only in the conference but also in the exhibition area.

Ilona Lundström on the stage presenting Team FinlandTeam Finland continues the journey in the U.S. with its annual visit to California with 15 Finnish companies pitching in numerous events. Around 80 experts of health and wellbeing connected with investors, customers and partners in the Bay Area past week.

"There has been a huge interest towards Finnish health companies. Health 2.0 conference is an effective platform for companies to get visibility and new contacts.It's very rewarding to see that Team Finland can make conquering the world even a bit easier for the companies by opening doors here in the U.S", Ilona Lundström from Tekes points out.

The model for Health 2.0 visit has been developed for the companies by the companies. Participating in the visit is a practical way to gain knowledge of the market and plan next steps for U.S. market entry.

"In order to understand the market, it is really important to spend time here. The U.S. health market is constantly evolving and opportunities are endless. Finnish companies often have superior products to meet these market needs. Let's not underestimate our abilities," Jussi Salonen from Consulate General of Finland, Los Angeles notes.

Networking, enthusiasm and novel ideas

Team Finland standThird annual Team Finland Health tour to California has paved the way towards the US markets for many companies, Noona Healthcare being one of them.

"From the previous two visits we got confidence and enthusiasm to explore the U.S. market. This year we were asked to present on a main stage which is a significant recognition in the interest towards us", Jani Ahonala from Noona Healthcare comments.

Jussi Määttä is the Business Director for Patient 21, a company that has a cost-effective, personalized mobile solution to reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and reduce readmission in outpatient surgery. He is full of energy to get things moving back in Finland.
"This has been a market research visit amongst other goals for us and it is motivating to see first hand the opportunities of the U.S. market. Although the journey is over, I'm really looking forward to be back in Finland, implement the lessons learned with Californian attitude and work with double the efficiency to acquire the next American customers, " Jussi Määttä highlights.

Remote A is a company specialized in ECG heart data analysis. Tuomas Harju, the Business Development Director, finds the connections and networks created as the highlight in California. "We have a lot of new contacts from potential partners to potential clients", Harju sums up the benefits of the trip.

Visibility of Team Finland at Health 2.0 conference was greater than ever. Finnish startups shined in their presentations on Lunch & Learn -session for the US audience. They also created a great buzz in the Health 2.0 exhibition hall. In addition to those 13 companies that were present at Team Finland stand, there were 4 Finnish companies with their own stand. The word has it, Finnish technology has a good reputation and Finnish companies are really fantastic.

Text: Elina Räihä
Photos: Emma Suppanen and Kari Kataja

Pia Mörk
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