Germany is the first step towards the global market for a Finnish game development company

Zeta Fighters, the début game of Digital Hammer founded in 2013 in Lahti, Finland, is currently under test marketing in Finland. Funding from Tekes is an important element in turning the game into a global hit.

The space-themed Zeta Fighters is a realtime mobile multiplayer game – a game type that remains rare on a global basis. Social elements play a key role in the game. Gamers can compete against random players or play with friends.

"Our devoted team consists of life-long gamers and we have long been interested in the gaming industry. Our extensive business know-how also enables us to venture into the challenging international market. Zeta Fighters was inspired by our childhood games, which we played against friends sitting in front of the same screen. We want to bring the same experience to the largest possible group of players," says CEO Risto Lappi.

"We will use Tekes's funding to plan and prepare for our international growth. In practical terms, this means a beta release in Germany. The resulting feedback will enable us to polish the product into a diamond. We will also obtain key figures for investors and publishers, enabling us to scale the game up to key markets in North America and East Asia. Tekes's funding is critical because it is enabling full-time work that is hugely speeding up product development. It would also be difficult to find international test users without a proper budget."

Image and video: Digital Hammer

Kaj Nordgren
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