Finland's future digital health stars showcase services in the USA

Did you know that Finland has the most digital health startups per capita in the world? Now is a great time to find innovative solutions, partners and promising investment targets, as the exciting top echelon of these future Finnish success stories seeks growth in the US.

Team Finland -logoAround 80 representatives of the health and wellbeing companies and other organisations will introduce themselves to investors, customers and partners in New York, Boston and California at the end of September and in the beginning of October. Team Finland Health is on the road.

Over a period of around two weeks, Finns will build relationships and seek financing by appearing at venues such as health and wellbeing business incubators, pilot environments and local companies. In California, the companies will showcase themselves at the leading conference in the sector, Health 2.0. We invite you to come and meet us!

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Finland is becoming a leading country in personalised health care. Finland has a high coverage healthcare system, high quality medical research, digital healthcare registers and modern biobank legislation. Combined with Finland's ICT, mobile and healthcare expertise, these make the country a great place for R&D investments.

Finland's strong networking culture and high level of R&D funding facilitate the creation of new healthcare innovations. Ranked as the world's most innovative country, Finland produces a range of healthcare solutions that are in global demand. Healthtech accounts for almost half of Finland's high-tech exports.

For example these health technology companies will feature in the Team Finland Health tour:

Noona Healthcare
Noona is a mobile service that provides cancer centers with a holistic, real-time view of their patients' wellbeing. With Noona, patients report their condition via a mobile device and the medical team can identify acute symptoms and target patients in need of immediate care. Its unique operating concept is based on smart algorithms and automation. When less severe symptoms are present, Noona automatically gives patients self-care and monitoring instructions.

Noona Healthcare will be on the main stage of Health 2.0 at 3 pm on 5 October. The company is one of the finalists in the conference's pitch contest. The finals will begin at 8 am on 5 October.

Sensotrend is an early-phase startup developing self-care tools for people with diabetes. Their automated diabetes diary helps them to get a holistic view of the factors affecting their blood glucose levels. They have recently started a pilot study with a diabetes clinic in Finland, and aim to launch globally by the end of 2016.

Combinostics provides tools for Alzheimer's disease diagnostics. The tools compute a profile for the patient using advanced imaging biomarkers combined with other clinical data and compare it to a database with data from patients where outcome is known. Results are visualized in an intuitive way, showing probabilities for the patient fitting to a certain diagnosis. The tools help clinicians diagnose patients at an earlier stage and support a staged approach to diagnosticsstarting from basic tests and using advanced tests only when needed.

Blueprint Genetics
Blueprint Genetics utilizes a unique targeted sequencing technology, originally developed at Stanford University and published in Nature. The company´s mission is to provide comprehensive and cost
effective genetic tests for clinicians worldwide with clinical grade sequencing quality. The innovations make it possible to achieve state-of-the-art clinical analysis and interpretation in 21 days from sample arrival.

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