Finland as a model country for Drone development

Commercial drones or UAV (unmanned airborne vehicles) business will soar over the next years. That will change the way to do business. We will see traditional businesses using drones inventively and witness boom of creative drone startups.

Drone companies will be able to provide affordable solutions e.g. in collecting data, on time monitoring, transportation, safety and rescue and precision farming as well as new entertainment. For sure, drones will make a big impact across diverse industries.

Finland is a country of opportunities for developing new UAV businesses

Perhaps the biggest boost for the Finnish UAV-business environment was given by our aviation authorities (Trafi). On October Trafi established a liberal, performance-based regulation that underline the operators' own responsibility and judgment, without excessively burdensome administrative requirements. Legislation has also high priority enabling experimental projects.

As a sparsely populated country Finland have also plenty of free airspace. Flexible use of airspace creates opportunities. One of most promising business fields lies in BVLOS operations (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight). BVLOS-technology development could exploit Finland's excellent testing possibilities.

Finns love ICT-solutions, and relatively speaking Finland is one of the most IT-skilled nations. The reasons lie partly in our pioneering work in making mobile phones in the past. UAV-companies can benefit Finns enthusiasm for IT, and supply for highly skilled IT-experts.

Networking and cooperation is easy in Finland

Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation has strong will to push UAV-industry forward. Drones – speed up innovation campaing aims to give push to a booming drone-ecosystem as well as several new start-ups. Tekes mission is also to get the big industry to cooperate in novel drone-innovations.

On the 12th of November 2015 opens up a UAV test center on Mikkeli airfield. Test center aims to network UAV-experts, authorities and educators. Finnish RPAS Society also networks and internationalize our UAV-industry. RPAS Society works also in close cooperation with authorities.

Digitalization and UAV-industry hand in hand

Digitalization is Finnish government's spearhead project. As drones are one of the most promising digital trends, they will benefit the strong will to boost digital businesses and digitalization in public sector. In Finland UAV big data can be turned into valuable smart data.

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