Brand marketing by customer selfie

Mypose is a prominent selfie machine that can be used for a modern marketing campaign, focusing positive attention on a company or event to build a brand image. Visitors take amusing selfies stamped with the brand message, which they distribute by social media or e-mail. The machine collects contact information and the experience is entertaining.

The service is ideal for exhibitions, hotels, amusement parks, tourist sites, in fact anywhere that people gather together.

Co-founder and chairman of the board Ari Rautiainen recalls that the first Mypose selfie photo booth was in a clothing store, helping customers find what suited them. There was such strong interest from event organisers and tourist sites that these have been the focus of Mypose development work since spring 2014. It was a good move because the company has subsequently obtained more than 200 customers.

What makes the Mypose campaign machine superior?

“Marketing is going through a period of great change. Marketing professionals are constantly looking for ways to enhance their effectiveness. Digital marketing needs to encourage participation in creating a message and spreading it. It has been calculated that 92 percent of people believe what their friends recommend on social media but only 30 percent trust in the advertisements they see there.”

“Mypose can be customised to the brand theme, which sets the parameters of the marketing campaign and the elements required. When people are enjoying themselves, they commit to the brand and distribute its images via Facebook, Twitter, etc. These social media channels spread the message to potential new customers.”

“The hallmark of Mypose is simplicity. It is easy to obtain, install and use. In practice the booth at an event can be assembled in a few minutes. It is ideal for stand-alone use. Technically it runs as a cloud service and provides real-time statistics and reporting. It can also be linked to a broader marketing campaign.”

“The copyright of photos taken by Mypose is held by the end-customer but consumers are ultimately in control by deciding where their photos are visible. This right is guaranteed by the Personal Data Protection Act. Users decide for themselves whether and where to distribute their selfies and can also delete them afterwards from the company’s Facebook picture album.”

What forms of international cooperation do you seek?

“We are expanding abroad region by region. We chose Majorca first and have had a partner there since spring 2014. Another partner has been found in Madrid, and we have customers in Sweden, Norway, and Britain. Our overseas business seems to be advancing in the same way as in Finland. Customers seek us out after they see Mypose at some event and realise its potential.”

More information
Ari Rautiainen, chairman of the board, tel. +358 50 534 3140, ari.rautiainen(at)
Lassi Anttonen, CEO, tel. +358 40 516 6252, lassi.anttonen(at)

MyPose is part of the Tekes Witty City programme.

Mypose will be on show at the Smart City Expo World Congress being held on 17-19 November 2015 in Barcelona. Drop in at the Finnish pavilion and see what we can contribute to the smart cities of the world.

Eero Lukin
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