Faron awarded €1.5 million to progress novel cancer immunotherapy Clevegen


Faron Pharmaceuticals Ltd is pleased to announce that Tekes has granted €1,535,100 in funding to progress the preclinical development of Clevegen, Faron´s novel cancer immunotherapy drug candidate. The funding awarded is a loan, which covers 50 per cent of the budgeted cost of the preclinical development of Clevegen.

Clevegen targets Clever-1 cell surface receptors, which are involved in cancer growth and spread. When Clever-1 is blocked, tumour-associated macrophages cannot enter the tumour site and their function in the tumour as an immune suppressive cell is diminished. Both these events are shown to change the tumour environment from immune suppression to immune stimulation, allowing the host immune system to fight the tumour cells.

“We are very grateful to Tekes for this non-dilutive funding. Clevegen has the potential to become an important part of immune therapies against cancers and is currently undergoing preclinical trials by our collaborators in cells from cancer patients. We are excited about the opportunities presented by Clevegen which also has the potential to be used in combination therapies with other immune check-point compounds while progressing to clinical stage”, Dr Markku Jalkanen, CEO of Faron said.

Faron has entered into an agreement with Selexis SA under which Selexis will establish the rapid generation of high expressing clonal cell lines for use in the development and production of Clevegen monoclonal antibodies for pre- and clinical development.

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