Convion has started validation of a new fuel cell product

Convion Ltd. has started validation of a new, highly innovative Convion C50 fuel cell product. The C50 product is designed for premium energy efficiency, reliability and easy integration in built environment at customer premises.

The product is capable of combined heat and power generation and is suited for operation on either natural gas or biogas. The Convion product may operate parallel to grid or in an island mode, securing critical loads in case of power outages. As an efficient, clean and reliable end user energy solution C50 improves customers' energy efficiency, power security and sustainability.

The C50 product has nominal power output of 58 kW. The unique product features enable over 53% electrical efficiency and over 85% total energy efficiency. C50 is suited for outdoor installations and does not require water connection at all. As modular units, C50 power modules can be installed in a parallel configuration, facilitating installations with higher power output. Modular approach also makes maintenance easy, causing minimal disturbance to other functions.

The manufacturing of the product has been successfully finalized and the validation with 20kW net power has been started.

Convion seeks to commercialize the new product and to bring it to the market with interested partners and to showcase the future of distributed power generation.

Convion is part of Tekes Green Growth programme.

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About Convion Ltd.

Convion is a leading fuel cell system provider committed to commercializing fuel cell products in power range above 50kW for distributed power generation. Convion was established in 2012 and continues SOFC system development and commercialization work originating from Wärtsiläs fuel cell program. Since year 2000 the core team has developed and operated several generations of 20kW and 50kW SOFC power units fuelled by natural gas, biogas and methanol. Commercialization of the first 50kW units is planned for 2015.