A good story is most important for Rival Games

Turku-based Rival Games makes TV-series-type games for which it produces new content on a regular basis. A game based on a well-known comic strip is also on its way.

The global game industry is living through the glory days of story-based games resting on well-known brands. Examples include TV series and comics like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and The Wolf Among Us. These have all been sales hits as games released in episode format. Rival Games, which just added a second episode to its debut game, The Detail, aims to break into the same market.

"We'll iron out the bugs from the first part and improve pretty well everything," says CEO Jukka Laakso.

A game based on a well-known comic strip is now on its way. The comic will also be turned into a big-budget television series in the future. Laakso cannot yet reveal the name.

Tekes has played an important role for the small but lean Rival Games.

"We made the first part of The Detail using Tekes funding, based on which we have obtained advantages such as a forthcoming game partnership. The funding has also been used to create tools and working methods with an eye to the future. We now have a clearly lower threshold and much more efficient basis for starting new projects."

However, Laakso points out that Tekes funding was of the greatest benefit in building an expert team on permanent contracts. This has enabled all of the above achievements.

"In a nutshell, we wouldn't be here without Tekes and the Skene – Games Refueled programme. Based on the new project, our current cooperation looks set to continue long into the future."

Image: Rival Games

Kaj Nordgren
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