Achieving faster growth through closer cooperation between the private and public sector

Finland is a highly regarded, small and agile country capable of providing solutions to various problems in the world. We are able to leverage global megatrends; our areas of strength include the bioeconomy, cleantech and digitalisation. Rather than dreaming about a better future, we need to act now.

We must get the Finnish economy back on its feet. This will require cooperation and concrete measures. We must break down boundaries and revise our operating models to ensure that Finland joins the ranks of the winners within the next five years.

The Team Finland players are helping the Government to achieve its goals by providing assistance in current spearhead projects and insights into the longer-term future. Together with Finnish enterprises, Team Finland has moved from ideas to action. With the support of trend maps and foresight information, more than 200 corporate executives, decision-makers and representatives of the scientific world are creating an action plan aimed at putting Finland back on the path towards growth and competitiveness.

Julian Birkinshaw from the London Business School and Anne Lise Kjaer, an advocate of change driving forces, bring international insight to this Team. With the support of these speakers, we aim to identify new operating models enabling efficient cooperation between the public and private sector. Closer cooperation will open up better opportunities for creating global businesses and renewing Finland's industrial and business life.

FinnSight 2015 and the future

FinnSight 2015 is a joint foresight project of Tekes, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the Academy of Finland, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Prime Minister's Office and the entire Team Finland network, aimed at intensifying cooperation between the public and private sectors. FinnSight gathers on an annual basis as part of a joint foresight model, inviting businesses and various players in society to come on board. Together, we can make Finland into the country that we want it to be.


Further information:

Tekes: Pirjo Kyläkoski pirjo.kylakoski(a), tel. +358 50 5577 795

Miia Linnusmaa
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