Tekes to give up snail mail

Tekes will be among the first in government administration to stop using ordinary mail to go fully online.

As of the beginning of June, we will transfer all funding documents, such as notifications of decisions and payments, only electronically to the Tekes Online Service.

Due to this change, companies and research organisations will see all project data quickly and easily. Another significant improvement is that the project plan is available digitally on the Online Service.

How does the Online Service work?

The Online Service is used, for example, to make project reports and contact Tekes. Persons in companies and research organisations will be able to log onto the Online Service through the Tekes website. The material can be read by anyone with access rights to the project on the Online Service.

Notification by email

When a new document has been added to the service, a notification will be emailed about it to the accountable project leader, contact person, cost-statement contact person and the organisation's official email address.

It is important that the contact details of persons in charge of the project are correct in the Online Service. Changes in contact details can be sent with the website's feedback form by selecting "Sähköinen asiointi ja hakemus" (in Finnish only) or by phoning the Online Service's technical support, tel. +358 2950 55051.

The Online Service's terms of use have been updated and presented for approval when you log in. To continue to use the service, you must accept the fact that Tekes will submit all documentation related to funding applications and already funded projects to the Online Service.

Eeva Landowski
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