Supercell buys majority stake in another game studio

Finnish mobile game giant Supercell makes its first major investment in another game studio, Frogmind.

Supercell has acquired a 51 percent stake in Helsinki-based mobile game developer Frogmind, best known of its award-winning Badlands games. The deal was worth 7 MEUR and Frogmind stays an independent game developer.

"Brilliant work Finland! This is just what we need, only we need it in a much larger scale still. Large and small companies working together bring many benefits – be it acquisition or collaboration. Small company gets marketing and sales resources, are introduced to market channels and knowhow and large company gets new innovative products developed with passion. We already dug into this last February. Building companies' expansive future with innovative combinations is great. And you can count on Tekes support for the best growth companies," says Jukka Häyrynen, Tekes' director of startup funding.

Tekes has funded Supercell's R&D in 2010 and Frogmind's R&D and brand building.

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Kaj Nordgren
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