Minh Lam will oversee BEAM Programme

Mr. Minh Lam, who had been Senior Advisor at Tekes, will be in charge of managing the BEAM (Business with Impacts) Programme from the January 1st of 2016.

Tekes is focused on providing expertise and funding for research, development and innovation in Finland. Recently Mr. Lam has been working with SMEs to help them explore business opportunities in the United States through access to the Global Access Program (GAP). During the past years Mr. Lam helped 130 Finnish firms be part of the programme where MBA students from the University of California's Los Angeles School of Management work with the company to put together a business plan to help them seek new markets and renew their operations.

"I am looking forward to taking on the challenges of the BEAM programme. I have been doing some work with BEAM through our cooperative work with Vietnam. I have lived or worked in France, China, Bahrain and the US, and I speak several languages. Being a Finnish born Vietnamese I have a good appreciation for Asian culture, complemented by my Finnish upbringing, I'm well placed to provide diverse support and advice", noted Mr. Lam.

BEAM is a programme that supports companies to seek ideas with big impacts on the lives and living conditions of millions of people in developing countries. These countries also currently have the greatest economic growth. Finnish companies can help developing countries generate and reform sustainable economic activities through innovation.

BEAM is a five year programme (2015-2019) adminstered by Tekes and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.