Video on Magisso: product innovation and functional design

With a mission to provide solutions for some of the basic household challenges, Finnish company Magisso stands out in the market for their product innovation and functional design.

Magisso was established in 2008 with one product, their unique magnetic dish cloth holder.

At the time, founders Juhani Sirén and Anssi Hurme noticed that there were no companies in Finland focusing on design products and their aim was to create a company to serve as a bridge between great product ideas and international markets. They figured they could make a difference.

Both remain committed to their philosophy of wanting to make a difference – to produce unique products that are well designed, have great functionality and are user-friendly.

"Our design ideas come from our in-house talent, and also people all over the place come to us with ideas. We never know where the next great idea will come from," explains Juhani Sirén, CEO of Magisso Ltd.

"We have done a lot of legwork at international trade shows, explaining what Magisso is all about and we receive enquiries from around the world so we are looking to collaborate on a global scale."

"The product development process of an idea is slow and takes time. The development of a simple and well-functioning product takes dozens or even hundreds of hours before all the small details are in order. Our designer collective is responsible for developing and shaping the products," he says.

Creation of phenomenal and unique products

According to Magisso’s customers, phenomenal and unique products are created at Magisso – products never see before.

"Our product range is expanding all the time, and we are continually looking for household solutions. We have just broadened our range with new ceramic tableware," says Sirén.

Magisso has been part of Tekes' Young innovative company funding programme and Sirén explains that the experience and financial support was extremely useful and important to their business.

In addition to this, Magisso was part of Tekes' and UCLA's Global Access Program which gave them the opportunity to work with a team of industry professionals simultaneously doing their MBA degree at UCLA's Anderson School of Management in the US.

"This was a very positive experience – truly hands on and we implemented many of the recommendations. And funnily enough, our US business has grown to become our biggest territory globally," Sirén tells.

"Tekes has supported us and we have been able to network and reach international markets far quicker than I originally anticipated."

As for the next bold step Sirén remains tight lipped.

"That, I can’t tell you, but stay tuned."

Text and video: Sue Welin and Susanna Lehto
Image: Magisso

Kaj Nordgren
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