Hi-tech displays for Chinese market with professional help

Finnish SME Beneq uses nanotechnology in its machine and display manufacturing business. Tekes and the Tsinghua University help the company grow in China.

Beneq manufactures machines that make nanotechnology based coating to protect e.g. flexible and organic displays electronics from environmental conditions like humidity. This makes the products last longer. Beneq provides its customers also development and coating services that enable testing of the suitability of Beneq technologies in customers' own product manufacturing.

"As far as we know, no one else provides such services in equal scale. We make possible the use of ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) technology for smaller companies without massive R&D resources e.g. in test production phase," says corporate development director, Jari Hurttia.

Beneq manufactures also electroluminescence displays that are resistant to harsh conditions (heat, cold, vibration and shock) and used e.g. in mining and oil rigs. In addition the company manufactures transparent displays that can be used e.g. in heavy machinery where all relevant work information is displayed on the windshield. The operator no more needs to take eyes off the work and hence the chance of mistake or accident is greatly reduced.

Professional help to enter the Chinese market

Beneq participates this year Tekes' and the Tsinghua University’s FinLab program. In Tsinghua FinLab program seasoned industry professionals prepare Finnish SMEs a business plan as part of their MBA degree studies.

"We already have sales representation in Shanghai and now we're looking for new customers. Especially in transparent displays that can be integrated for instance to traditional oven window to show information on temperature and cooking time left. China is no more solely a place of manufacturing, but also design. Being there is essential."

"Our MBA team prepares us a plan on who we should approach, how and who and what are the most significant players and channels. This is as good as professional expertise help gets."

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Kaj Nordgren
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