Green Mining Programme paves the way for sustainable mining

The Tekes Green Mining Programme (2011-2016) has had major results in areas such as environmental impactand its social impacts assessment. The programme has attracted worldwide attention.

The Green Mining Programme met major demand in the corporate arena, as a result of which the original EUR 60 million budget was nearly doubled (EUR 116 million). The programme included 107 projects and 130 companies participated. In addition, 20 research organisations and universities took part in the programme.

"Finland boasts world-class competence in enrichment technology, mining equipment and geological surveying. The Green Mining programme strengthened these competence areas among others. At Sandvik, for example, next-generation mining technology was developed during the programme," explains Kari Keskinen, Programme Manager.

Towards sustainable mining

Major leaps forward were taken in research into the social and environmental impacts of mining. Results achieved during the programme have been put to good use in the activities of the Network for Sustainable Mining, among others. These include crisis management guidelines put together in a joint project involving four mines. The project led to the establishment of consistent practices and procedures for emergencies and crises, helping to reduce work-related accidents in all participating mines.

Major improvements were achieved in water management. The total number of water management projects in mines amounted to 18; 10 of these were corporate projects. A total of 14 water management companies took part in the programme. Seven universities or research organisations were involved in the study of mining waters. The largest research area was sulphate emissions management.

For the participating water management companies, the step up in expertise has opened the door to growing global markets. Aqua Minerals and Teollisuuden Vesi are about to begin exporting water management technology.

The first major, Tekes-funded mining industry pilot projects will soon be launched. The objective of a pilot project carried out by Sotkamo Silver is to improve material and energy efficiency at mines, while a project by Mustavaara aims to enhance the recycling of by-products.

The Green Mining Programme has attracted attention worldwide, leading to deeper international cooperation as the project has progressed. The programme included 54 international partners.

Further information

Programme Manager Kari Keskinen
kari.keskinen (at)
tel. +358 2950 55843

Programme Coordinator Harry Sandström
harry.sandstrom (at)
tel. +358 400 709 899

Sanna Nuutila
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