Green Growth programme paves way for Finnish cleantech

The key theme of the Green Growth programme, launched in 2011, has been sustainable economic growth and efficient and responsible use of natural resources. Now that the programme has concluded, these themes are more topical than ever.

The Green Growth programme systematically invested in four focus areas – energy and material efficiency; bioeconomy and biomaterials; recycling, recovery of raw materials and waste processing; and new business models, service concepts and comprehensive solutions – and this has yielded results. During the five-year programme, 140 business-driven and 60 research-driven projects have produced new, tangible future solutions and innovations in the cleantech sector. These projects have received EUR 80 million in funding, half of which came from Tekes and half from businesses.

"Green growth has become Finland's focus area as a whole. Businesses have taken the idea on board, as can be seen in the development and internationalisation of their operations. Evidence of this includes recent breakthroughs by Molok Oy and LifaAir Oy in China and Nocart Oy's multi-million deal in Africa," says Programme Manager Jyri Arponen.

"The challenges and focus areas are now shifting towards improving the financial performance of cleantech businesses and speeding up their digitalisation and growth. As companies go digital and adopt demand-oriented earnings models, green growth will become a competitive growth sector," Arponen says, visualising the future.

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