Funding news from Tekes: Advance payment of SME's small grants, a new funding table and a category "Midcap companies"

The new year has brought some changes to Tekes research and development funding for companies:

1) A new category: Midcap companies

Tekes has established a new company category "Midcap companies" in its funding terms. Tekes definition of Midcap companies signifies large companies whose turnover is maximum a maximum of €300 million. Midcap companies can apply for Tekes funding to the same levels as large companies, but Tekes doesn't ask them to conduct as close cooperation with SMEs and research organisations as other large companies.

2) Competitive advantage

Tekes will start evaluating the impact of companies' R&D projects according to targeted international competitive advantage. Previously, Tekes has focused more on evaluating the novelty value of the innovation. Competitive advantage changes the focus to the company's position in international markets and to the potential customer's interest in the new solution.

3) Advance payment of grants and changes to funding levels

Tekes funding is typically based on reimbursement of actual costs. In order to minise SME's need for bridge funding, Tekes is trying out advance payment of SME's small projects that are based on de minimis grants. This means that Tekes may pay 60 per cent of a de minimis grant after the funding decision.

There is also a change in the loan funding level for large companies. The maximum amount of loan has been increased from 35 per cent to a maximum of 50 per cent of the project costs.

Eeva Landowski
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