5G Test Network Finland introduced to international audience in Mobile World Congress 2016

The cooperation between Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia in the same testing infrastructure provides a comprehensive view to the future of the mobile communication networks.

Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia have engaged in cooperation with each other in Finnish 5G trialling activities. The three major telecom vendors are key industry partners in 5G Test Network Finland (5GTNF), which is an open innovation ecosystem based on a close collaboration and joint offering of several Finnish 5G testbeds. The resulting testing infrastructure will enable a large variety of different use cases and service trials in the coming years as 5G continues its evolution towards commercial systems.

"Ericsson is driving the 5G standards work from pre-standard field trials through standardization activities along with influential standards bodies and industries. 5GTNF fits within that scope and allows us to collaborate with industrial and research partners in Finland," says Harri Oikarinen, Head of Ericsson R&D Center Finland.

In addition to the major telecom vendors, the vibrant ecosystem around 5GTNF covers the entire telecommunications value chain from research, development and manufacturing to network operators, service providers and public authorities. In total, 40 Finnish partner organisations are already part of the collaboration

"5G will change both the wireless technology and the way it is used. 5GTNF offers us a good way to experiment early on in both aspects with major telecom vendors, Finnish universities and SMEs," says Mikko Terho, Head of Huawei Finland Research Center.

5GTNF is now actively seeking collaboration opportunities also with international partners. Involvement of the utilizing vertical industries is especially important as the expectations and requirements from the end user community will help to guide the technology development towards a desired common goal.

"Cooperation in the 5GTNF consortium provides us with an opportunity to further extend our existing 5G test facilities. By cooperation inside the telecom industry and especially with other industries we ensure that the future 5G network will meet the diverse requirements of the new services and applications," says Lauri Oksanen, VP Research and Technology of Nokia.

The joint 5GTNF infrastructure is formed by several interconnected testbeds built and developed in four dedicated projects under Tekes' – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation – 5thGear programme. The four projects providing the 5GTNF infrastructure are called 5th Evolution Take of Wireless Communication Networks (TAKE-5), 5G Test Network (5GTN), Cognitive Radio Trial Environment ++ (CORE++) and Future of UHF Frequency Band (FUHF). These projects have built their already operational testbeds on a solid foundation of research and development work that has continued for years in Finnish research programmes.

Each testbed project also has its distinctive set of research topics and key technology focuses. The developed solutions from the testbed projects continuously contribute new capabilities to the joint 5GTNF infrastructure. In TAKE-5, the main focus is in networking technologies and cloudification of the core network services. 5GTN is working on 5G radio access network technologies and real time network management. CORE++ develops and trials new spectrum sharing concepts in a field testing environment based on heterogeneous network architecture. FUHF studies the changing media consumption formats in mobile communication networks and experiments with new content delivery methods in the radio access network.

Additional information

5GTNF will be part of the Finland Pavilion stand 1E04 in Hall 1 of Mobile World Congress held at the Fira Gran Via Exhibition Center in Barcelona, Spain between 22-25 February 2016. The 5GTNF launch event at the Finland pavilion will be held on Tuesday 23 February at 11:00 am CET.


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