Finland to become a hotspot for the top experts of unmanned traffic

Remote-controllable and autonomous vehicles and ships, working machines and unmanned aircraft systems will significantly increase the effectiveness and generate new business. Unmanned transport solutions must take into account also both safety and security in a new way.

Pekka Sivonen, the Digitalisation Area Director in Tekes, points out that Finland is well positioned to become a pioneer in many traffic robotisation areas. "We have invested significantly in the development of autonomous working machines and shipping solutions in the recent years. In addition, the creation of, for example, test areas for automated driving and unmanned aircraft systems make the rapid development possible", emphasizes Sivonen.

The support of public sector for the development of a new growth sector is very important. According to Pekka Sivonen, Finland has a liberal legislation supporting the growth of unmanned aviation. Furthermore, digitalisation, robotisation and new wireless communications solutions, especially 5G's promotion through the Finnish government’s spearhead projects will create the intent and agility needed for the development of autonomous or robotized traffic.

Sivonen stresses that the robotisation of traffic has a lot of potential for business growth: "We should not miss our pioneer advantage, but to tackle this challenge immediately."

Versatile consideration of safety is a common challenge for the robotizing traffic

Sami Paatero, the Digital Transformation Director in Tekes, underlines that in the development of unmanned traffic, it is essential to take into account the challenges of both the physical security and the cyber security. In Finland, it has been observed that the creation of diverse testing environments is essential for finding our safe practices.

"Robotisation unavoidably progresses in the land, sea and air traffic bringing us also security challenges. In Finland, we have a strong vision of the overall security and we have world-class cyber security competence, which is a prerequisite for the rapid promotion of the autonomous applications traffic. Via the integration of multidisciplinary security competence and service development, one can significantly boost the unmanned traffic business in Finland", Paatero says.

On Tuesday 5.4.2016 in Helsinki at the Finlandia Hall, nearly 100 experts will meet to discuss the new cyber security related needs of the robotisation of traffic. Tekes invests in the topic through, e.g., The Arctic Seas, 5thGear and Industrial Internet – Business Revolution programmes. In addition, Tekes is running a Drones-Speed ​​up Innovation campaign, which is intended for activating the unmanned aircraft system business.

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