eSports – Finnish game research to investigate a globally huge trend

eSports have become one of the most rapidly growing forms of new media characterised by the growing prominence of online games and online broadcasting technologies.

eSports is competitive (pro and amateur) video gaming based on leagues, ladders and tournaments, and where players customarily belong to teams or other 'sporting' organisations sponsored by various businesses.

The eSports research project of the School of Information Sciences at the University of Tampere will investigate the culture around and the consumption of eSports, online video streaming and related new media.

"What is particularly interesting in eSports is how the consumers' and spectators' habits and practices differ from those of traditional sports and how the developments around eSports can ultimately further transform the larger media landscape," says postdoctoral researcher Juho Hamari, the director of the project.

The research is funded by Tekes, the University of Tampere, Alma Media, Boomlagoon, Supercell, YLE and Veikkaus with a total budget of EUR 500.000.

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Kaj Nordgren
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