Challenge Finland competition for top researchers and companies gets under way

Tekes has launched the Challenge Finland competition, in the search for new, commercialisable solutions for major problems. Such problems could be related to, say, clean technologies, health or digitalisation. Entry is open to Finnish top researchers and companies that want to improve the world and have the keys to a solution 'jangling in their pockets'.

The aim of the competition is to effectively combine top Finnish research with private sector R&D. This will bring Finland new export products and services.

New knowledge, new business

The competition has two stages. In the first stage, we will fund research organisations that are gaining a deeper understanding of the designated problems and the related business potential.

Research enabling a solution will continue in the second stage of the competition, while the company participants use world-beating expertise to develop products and services that meet customer needs.

During the competition, Tekes will provide research organisations with funding totalling 30 million euros. In addition, Tekes will finance private-sector R&D projects through its normal loans and grants. Challenge Finland seeks to fulfil the goals of the Government's knowledge and ecucation key project.

Research organisations – on your marks, get set...!

The starting pistol has been fired! Research organisations can apply by 29 March.

Companies can engage in discussions with researchers in the first stage of the competition; they can also apply as the research projects progress between 1 June and 14 November 2016.

Research organisation projects funded via the competition must be completed by the end of October 2018. Private sector projects can continue after this period.

Find out about the competition and apply!

Pia Mörk
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