Asia’s key creative industry professionals in Helsinki next week

EARS on Helsinki conference brings the leading industry professionals in funding, fashion, film, music and performing arts to Helsinki 25-28 August. The conference is set at Finland’s biggest start-up hub opening on the first day of the conference.

The exponential growth of creative industries in Asia offers great new potential for co-operation between the East and the West. However, starting new operations requires personal contacts and understanding of local markets.

EARS on Helsinki is the premier creative industry conference supporting international co-operation by offering information on the latest trends in Asia and a unique opportunity to connect with the professionals working in various creative fields and funding in Asia and Europe.

This year, the seminar takes a closer look at funding media content and entertainment, IP’s and licensing, the digitalization of events and marketing and brand building in social media. The speakers include Terry Ding, Executive Director of the Entertainment Division of China’s leading investment group Fosun Group, Howard Lian, Co-Founder of China’s leading ticketing office, entertainment and investment platform Yong Le Entertainment & Sports Corp., SK LEE, Senior Vice President of Consumer Products Licensing & Brand Management of Fung Group, managing for example the consumer products licensing of Hello Kitty and Angry Birds in Greater China and Korea, Michael Rosen, Founder of London Fashion Week, Dong Il Dillon Seo, gaming and start-up influencer, Founder of VoleR Creative, working with artificial intelligence and machine learning, and ex-partner of Oculus Rift, and Jonathan Hyong-Joon Kim, film producer with almost 30 years of experience in the Korean film industry who has served to terms as the Chairman of Korean Film Producer’s Association.

The seminar program takes place at the Maria start-up community in Central Helsinki, officially opening on the first day of the seminar, August 25th. During the same week, Helsinki also hosts other international events of interest for creative professionals. Modern Sky Festival Helsinki brings in the most interesting acts from Asia’n metropolitan cities, Europe and the United States. The annual Helsinki Festival, the largest arts festival in Finland, offers two weeks of dance, theatre and circus, visual arts and cinema around town.


1 Day Conference Ticket, Thursday or Friday, 65 €

4 Day Conference Pack, 199 €

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Eero Lukin