Young growth companies: H2 Wellbeing Oy

Tekes funding boosts internationalization for H2 Wellbeing, the company known for the online exercise and well-being application.

On its website the company describes HeiaHeia as an easy and fun, community-based web service, which motivates users to exercise and is also suitable for occupational well-being programmes. It is not intended to replace a tough workout, but rather the application can record your exercise sessions ranging from doing the cleaning to weight lifting sessions at the gym. You set yourself targets based on different parameters, and the application, as well as other users, encourage you to achieve them. At HeiaHeia you network and communicate with other people exercising, making achieving your exercise objectives fun and social at the same time.

H2 Wellbeing has grown in a couple of years to become Finland's leading company offering online exercise and well-being applications. In Finland alone there are 200,000 users and the service is used in more than 150 other countries.

YIC funding speeds the pace of internationalization

H2 Wellbeing's CEO Jussi Räisänen says the Tekes YIC funding gave a clear boost to the company's international expansion. The funding made it possible to realise the international potential of the HeiaHeia product at an early stage.

"Without the YIC funding many international business initiatives would be left aside to wait."

Räisänen says, that with the help of the YIC project, the company managed to develop the business according to the "lean startup" approach. In this approach the product reaches the end users as swiftly as possible after an efficient development phase.

Five times as many business customers

Once the product's suitability for the international market was established, the company's growth really took off.

"We now have over a hundred corporate clients and a number of retail partners in about 20 countries, including the United States and Great Britain. The number of corporate customers has increased by more than five times since the start of the project and includes major companies in both Finland and abroad, such as PepsiCo, NHS, Nordea, Aktia, TeliaSonera and Janssen."

"We want to be the favourite product for promoting well-being"

H2 Wellbeing's vision is to be a global leader in well-being motivational and promotional products for companies and communities. This year the company is seeking significant growth mainly in the United States and Sweden.

"The promotion of well-being is a strongly growing market. There are greater expectations for employers to take care of their employees and companies are coming to see that there is a need for easy-to-use, efficient and cost-effective solutions to promote occupational health and well-being," says Räisänen describing HeiaHeia's market potential.

"We want to be the favourite product for companies and workers in promoting personal well-being."

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